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This album instigates human sustainability through consciousness and independence, a reminder that the facts don't matter if the source is crooked… and to question everything. 

Jane in Palma - Safety Net (SFR002)
Written & Produced by Julian Smith at Mild Shock Studios, Spain
Additional Guitar A2 by James Wilson
Vocals on A4 by Rick Sena
Safety Net Music Video shot by Hermes Marco
Mastered by Sam John at Precise Mastering, UK
Distribution by SFR Records
I started recording this LP in 2016 right after I put out the Primitive Thoughts LP a deep dive in to the cathartic state of disconnection and the subsequent realizations that accompany isolation and inner discovery.  Safety Net has been a long time journey, writing about the message behind the music. Focusing on a a much needed change, on a independent and personal level. I have been positivity influenced by others who do this.